We re-home ferrets in pairs as most ferrets are very sociable and only thrive in the company of their own kind. Occasionally, we do get ferrets that are happier on their own but not often. If you are looking for a companion for ferrets you already own, bring them in to meet potential new partners, they will make the choice for you!

We make a home visit before re-homing to view and to advise on the accommodation and environment you intend to keep your ferrets in.

Normally all our ferrets are neutered and vaccinated before leaving the Rescue for their new forever home but if they’re too young to be neutered before leaving us you will have to agree to come back so we can carry out the procedure or you will need to provide proof, at the appropriate time, that you have had it done by your own vet.

There is a small adoption fee for each ferret - £45 for females (jills) and £40 for males (hobs)- which helps to cover the cost of vaccination, neutering, medical attention and maintenance during their stay with us.

If in the future, for any reason, you are unable to continue to look after the ferrets you have had from the Rescue you must agree to bring them back in and not pass them on to anyone else.

Information on keeping ferrets as pets